Palm Beach Four Seasons Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival 2018

Last month we were invited to a dessert event with Four Seasons Palm Beach. The “Speak Easy with a Sweet Note” bash was hosted to kick off the 2018 Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival. The chefs involved reined from local Four Seasons, along with a few from Beverly Hills and the Bahamas – All displaying the most decadent, and delicious, sweet dishes.

To accompany the tasty treats, The Four Seasons also brought in acclaimed mixologists from locations like Miami and Mexico City. Each beverage was more intricate and more picturesque than the next. Both the chefs and mixologists did an amazing job pairing the bites and libations so that no matter what you tried, each combination was perfectly matched!

We got to mix and mingle with the who’s who of the Palm Beaches while funky, modern, and sometime old school, music came from the live DJ booth. Flowers seemed to be a reoccurring theme of the evening as the venue offered a spectacular floral wall (great for photos) as well as within the main fixture: a gorgeous, grand chandelier comprised of fresh wild flowers. Even the desserts and beverages were accessorized with vibrant nature, some of which were used as taste enhancers!

The décor was truly an amazing scene to behold. Walking into the event space, we felt as if entering a luxurious wedding venue. Just beside the elegant Four Seasons pool, lined tables and tables of colorful, fresh flowers, delicate champagne flutes, and sugary delights. The evening weather was perfect for the event and the salty wind from the beach just steps away allowed us to truly experience the coveted Palm Beach lifestyle.

The Four Seasons is named one of the best for a reason. The service was out of this world; from the immaculate hotel décor and style to the regal assistance of helping us glide down the lobby stairs by hand, the world-renowned resort is something to appreciate.

Special thanks to:

Laurie, Four Seasons palm Beach

Elizabeth, Espresso and Chanel (featured in video)

Kelly, Copper and Chic (Featured in video)

Jupiter Compass Marketing Agency (video production)