About Us

Hi! We are Live West Palm, aka Kelly & Paul O’Meara. Between the two of us, we’ve lived, ate, and partied in Palm Beach county for almost 20 years. Like most locals around, we can’t think of a better place live and play! That’s why we started Live West Palm, to give you all the full local experience (and opinions) of our favorite old and new hot spots.

Kelly (like most South Floridians) was born in New York, but has resided in Palm Beach County since she was in elementary school. After graduating from Florida State University (the far superior school to UCF #HouseDivided) she began working with her now husband, Paul, who runs a digital marketing agency.

Paul, who attended UCF (secondary to FSU), grew up in Cuba on a Navy base, had a stint in Colorado, and has now lived in South Florida for about a decade. After joining the digital marketing world, he branched out on his own to follow his passion of advertising, photography, web design, and all things nerdy, I mean digital.

We look forward to bringing you in on our adventures around this awesome city and hope you enjoy our antics and anecdotes as much as we enjoy telling them!

Kelly & Paul O’Meara