Loic Bakery in Downtown West Palm Beach

Loic Bakery is a  local bakery/bar/cafe run by Loic Autret, a frenchman that now resides in West Palm Beach. Nestled between apartment and office buildings, this lively cafe brings a lot of french influence to Hibiscus street. From it’s minimalist mod decor, tables donned with buckets of lavender, and baskets of bread behind the counter, Loic Bakery is the perfect morning bakery, date night bar, or after work cafe to sit and enjoy a tasty treat or savory meal.

Loic Bakery West Palm Beach

Loic Cafe Downtown Palm Beach

Last weekend we were invited to a brunch event that supported the New Horizons Dog Rescue. The event started with a little meet and greet with some of the dogs that New Horizons is harboring. Needless to say, it was a great way to start a Saturday!

Next we were invited to be a part of an intimate taste testing with Loic Autret himself. Starting with dessert first (our kind of meal,) Loic introduced us to his best selling, not so average chocolate cookie. He explained that the best way to taste something is to close your eyes and experience all of your senses i.e. the smells, textures, and taste of each bite.

Loic Bakery South Florida

Next, we moved onto three different croissants that the bakery specializes in; pistachio, almond, and good old fashion original. To our delight, each pastry was buttery soft with a crispy outside; the perfect combination.

After satisfying our sweet tooth, we transition to the ultimate brunch charcuterie boards. Loic Bakery offers a beautiful spread of assorted cheeses, homemade butters, and fresh baked breads. Along with that, Loic served us a platter of fancy breakfast “sandwiches.” We had our choice of toppings between smashed avocado, fresh salmon with chive cream cheese, and a spicy sun dried tomato spread.

Breakfast Brunch West Palm Beach

Finally, what’s a cafe without coffee? And now a days, if a coffee shoppe can’t make something pretty out of the cream, can it really call it’s self a cafe?? Even besides the artistic cappuccinos, Loic is one of the prettiest bakeries in the area. Its chic, mod decor is something to see, as well as its unique yet stylish wallpaper that make’s the bakery instantly recognizable.

Paul OMeara Live West Palm
Hmm, Paul matches the wall paper.

Loic Bakery Cafe South Florida